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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Why speech is not free

It is important to note that nothing in this creation that a human being does is free. As long as he retains his free will to act then he must bear responsibility for everything he does. This includes responsibility for his thoughts, his words and his actions.

Everything that a man does has consequences. His actions have an effect in creation. His actions have an effect on his immediate environment, on other human beings and other creatures whether he is aware of this or not. He bears the consequences for the effects of his thoughts, words or deeds. Whatever damage has been done by the effects of his thoughts must be accounted for by him.

His free will is the key in this process. He has absolute control about the way he thinks and the words he chooses to use and if he chooses to think or speak in a certain way it is this free choice that places the burden of responsibility on him. He must one day reap the consequences for the effects of his thoughts, words and actions. This is because spiritually every thought, word or action take on form which remains attached and connected with him.

After a while these forms return to him with all the consequences and strength garnered through their wandering through creation. He is then hit with a karma which is often baffling to him about the origin of his condition, asking himself “why me?”      

So speech is not free because hateful speech will have a corresponding effect and may goad others or influence them to thoughts and acts of violence. The raw material for this was provided by those who are constantly thinking and speaking in this manner.

Therefore those who are champions of so-called “free speech” of whatever form this may take had better think again about what they are promoting. The Laws of God are paramount in everything and these Laws will never adjust themselves to the opinions of men. It is even sacrilegious to think that men can make laws here on earth and expect the Divine Laws to adjust themselves to these man-made laws.

We must now be spiritually alert to make sure that we adjust our thoughts, words and actions to the Divine Laws and not to human opinions.  


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