In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

What is the meaning of life?

The purpose of man’s life on earth is a question which many have pondered about for thousands of years but the answer to which has often become elusive. We do not ask this question anymore because we seem to have given up on the possibility that an answer can ever be found. We have also relied on science to give us the answer, but with its one-sided way of looking at things it does not look promising that an answer can ever be found in this way.

Our error lies in our wrong concept about man and our earth and the whole of Creation in general. We have a totally wrong concept about everything, and our religious beliefs have only compounded matters by not being able to offer any logical explanation for anything, relying instead on blind faith which is totally at odds which what God wants for His creatures.

Over thousands of years then we have come to look at things from one side only. We think that man is the physical body because science has told us so and religion has not been able to offer any credible counter-argument. We assume that our physial existence is the only one there is and that when we die and with the disintegration of our physical bodies that we also cease to exist. In short, in our world view there does not seem to be any purpose to it all.

The purpose of life according to our prevailing belief is to just live as best we can and accumulate material wealth, get married and have children and if possible have as many earthly honours as possible, and if we are successful in these then our purpose has been achieved. We are then regarded as actualized human beings, successful human beings and so on.

According to our belief we live only once and as such we should materially make the best out of it. The reality of our lives, however, is often different and testifies to the fact that this world view is wrong. What is the purpose of being born, growing up, going to school, getting a job, getting married and accumulating material wealth only to leave all these things behind again when we die?

It is inconceivable to imagine that the great God would create us just for this purpose. The great Creator is far too Perfect and comprehensive in His approach to things to imagine that He has created human beings only for the purpose for which we have generally accepted to be the case today.

What we have accepted as the way of our lives today is simply our own creation and imagination. We have devised this way and purpose of lives for ourselves. The purpose for which we were created has been lost to us because for thousands of years we have failed to listen to those sent by God who could tell us what this purpose was. We preferred to create our own purpose because we preferred to be masters instead of servants. We did not want to hear what God wanted for us and what He had devised for our existence. We wanted to listen only to our own voices. This is why today the purpose of our lives is lost to us.

All the various prophets of the various religions were never truly successful because we never allowed them to be successful. They were persecuted, slandered and even killed in some cases until finally we committed the unthinkable: the murder of the Son of God sent to us for the true enlightenment.

Now we ask to be shown the way and to be allowed to know what the purpose of life is. Well, each one can find it for himself by reading the book “In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.” In it the seeker finds what he seeks as long as he truly opens himself for it. May we find the strength to be objective in whatever we do. Amen.

Read the Grail Message and discover the answers to the unsolved questions of all life.

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