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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

What does it mean to be born again?

To be born again means to be purified spiritually so that one becomes a new person through the change in our behaviour. Once we accept the Word of Jesus into our lives we use that Word to effect a complete change in our attitudes and behaviour. 

We adjust ourselves to the Word of Jesus so that we follow the dictates of this Word exactly, loving our neighbours and keeping our thoughts, words and actions pure. In other words, we begin to act in ways completely different from the way we used to act.

Through these our efforts we change ourselves for the better and we are no longer the person that we used to be. We have changed inwardly. We have changed spiritually. Our thoughts are now different. Our words are different and our actions are completely different. We become new human beings.

This is the true meaning of being born again as we are now newly born through adherence to the Word of Jesus. We activate His Word in our lives. That way all the spiritual dross and uncleanliness which evil thoughts and desires have allowed to surround our spirits are washed away.

We become reformed human beings. It is a beautiful thing and it is something that needs to be achieved by every human being who wants to enter the Kingdom of God. There is no other way. We must all be born again through not just acknowledging the Word of Christ as true but also actually living this Word.

It is the actual living of this Word which guarantees being born again. Without living the Word of Christ it is impossible to be born again. It is the strict adherence to the Word of God as given to us through Jesus that will bring this about.

Let us therefore strive to achieve this by trying to understand the Word of God and making the necessary effort to conquer ourselves to live accordingly.

 Without effort in this direction salvation is impossible. We have to work on ourselves unceasingly. Let us realise that there is no broad road of easy comfort when it comes to spiritual enlightenment in spite of what we are told by many leaders.

Let us begin urgently with this resolution. Time is far too gone for any more delays in our decision to live according to the Word of God. 

Let us begin to think these matters through ourselves.    

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