In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

We live as we see fit without regard to the Laws of God

Unfortunately for thousands of years mankind has lived only by rules created by itself. We have lived on this earth and in this creation without wanting to find out about the Laws that have been placed here to guide the order by the Creator. 

It is like we have been invited to live in a town and when we arrived in this town we decided to start living according to our own ideas and not according to the laws in that town. Every town has laws and if we are to be law-abiding citizens it is our duty to learn of these laws otherwise we will very quickly run afoul of the law and find ourselves in trouble. 

We human beings came to this earth by a special process which allows us to develop and perfect ourselves here. Through this process all had been arranged and planned for us with a clear blue print as to how to live and direct our lives.

Everything has a purpose and there are rules and laws existing on this earth as indeed in the entire creation put in by God Himself. These Laws guide and govern everything, including our lives. If we live by these Laws then we will be happy, and our earthly lives will be full of joy and happiness. If, however, we ignore these existing Laws then we lose our freedoms, leading to suffering upon suffering and disease and death.

Along in the course of our evolution we had always had teachers to teach us about the Laws of God so that we cannot claim that we are ignorant of them. We have simply over and over again chosen to ignore these Laws and chose our own ways. 

We saw ourselves as superior and as gods who do not have to conform to any laws. We wanted to make the laws ourselves and direct the way everything was to be run. Again in the example given above we wanted to come to this town and change all the existing rules and rewrite these rules to suit ourselves.

We forgot that we as human beings did not create this earth. Because we are not the Creator we could not devise the rules as to how things should run. We have not the faintest idea of how this place was created so how could we possibly know how to write the laws that govern existence on this earth. It is indeed an absurd supposition if one were to carry this thought to its logical conclusion.

The arrogance and presumption of mankind is unbelievable. It is this arrogance that has led to disaster with nothing but suffering reigning supreme in our existence on this earth.

We created this suffering through the non-observance of the Laws of God. We closed ourselves to the Laws. The only way out of our misery is to open ourselves and gain knowledge of these Laws and begin to adjust ourselves to them.


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