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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The sacred legacy of the Son of God

Our Lord Jesus gave us His Word so that we might keep this Word pure and unblemished by adhering to It through our activities on earth in our thoughts, words and actions. There is nothing of more value in the entire Creation than the Word of God! This Word, which when adhered to guarantees our Salvation and freedom from the Darkness.

We do not seem to have any idea yet of the importance of being free from the Darkness. We take all these for granted because for most of us we have no idea of what the Darkness really is. It is hard for us because for many earth-lives we have not known anything else. We live in it and wallow in it.

This situation makes it difficult to recognise the presence of the Darkness within ourselves and also in our surroundings. Just like we are not aware of the spinning rotation of this earth so in like manner we are not aware of the effects of this enormous, horrible circumstance within and around us.

It is only when we become spiritually alert through the Word of the Lord that we begin to get an inkling of this horrible presence which makes itself felt as we are striving for the Light.

It is this same Darkness which tried to prevent the establishment of the Word of God through Jesus; going so far as to goad mankind to commit an unthinkable crime, a crime from which it is unlikely we will ever be free.  The Word of the Lord was brought so that the Darkness would be vanquished and destroyed once and for all.

It was brought so that the horrible sway and spell the Darkness has over mankind would be broken at last.  This Word was brought in Its fulfilment as promised by God so that we as human beings by learning about It and adhering to It  can at last free ourselves from the Darkness that lies within and without.

This sacred legacy was fulfilled by God in Jesus Christ as He only could. It was now left to mankind to make the effort to understand this Word, this Legacy and live accordingly.

The furious counter attack by the Darkness was not unexpected since it considered the earth and the majority of mankind as his territory and his own.

The Legacy had been brought all the way down to this earth and it was then left up to the free will of mankind whether they wished to free themselves from this Darkness or not.  Given what we know of what happened at that time, mankind chose not to free itself from the clutches of this Darkness.

The sacred Legacy was not adhered to but even distorted further in the many denominations and quarrels and proliferation of Churches and splits and so on. The Darkness welled up the more and flooded this earth leading to the disaster confronting us today.

It is unfortunate! The Legacy of Love has been turned into hatred, envy, wars, murder, oppression and greed by this mankind. It is unbelievable!

Into all this chaos the Love of the Almighty inclines to us once again for the last time demanding that we render account as to how we have used this Legacy that was brought at such an enormous sacrifice. Let us pray that we are not found wanting in our spiritual standing in regard to this Word and this Legacy.  Amen.

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