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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The role our wishes and desires play in our spiritual downfall

Our wishes and desires play a primary and pivotal role in all we do as human beings. They determine the direction we take and the choices we make. They are fundamental to everything that we are.

Our wishes and desires are anchored in our free will to make decisions. This free will was given to us by God so that we as human beings can develop our God-given abilities and talents in an orderly manner, one after another.

We are supposed to learn to know the Laws of God in this Creation where we live and align our desires and wishes with the Laws. We were meant to use our free will only in the direction dictated by the Laws of God.

Aligning our desires and wishes to the ordinances of God guarantees the development of our God-given talents, leading to happiness, peace and joy for the individual and the whole of humanity. This allows love to flourish, and where there is true love based on the Divine Laws then peace, happiness and joy are guaranteed as there will not be a single human being who will be capable of harming another human being. It becomes impossible. The love that he carries within himself makes that impossible.

He will then not covet or envy his neighbour what he still lacks because he knows that his life is not based on the accumulation of material wealth since his gaze will be turned upwards to the Light, to the spiritual in everything.

Unfortunately, however at the present time our wishes and desires are not at all aligned with the Will of God. They are completely at odds with these Laws whereby all our eyes are trained only on the accumulation of material wealth. We have not allowed ourselves to be trained in the spiritual values that are eternal.

Our desires and wishes are only concentrated on those things that lead to earthly pleasures and comfort and not that striving for the spiritual in everything which will not only benefit us immensely as individuals but also our environment.

We do not even know what the Laws of God are because we have never sought to know them. This condition has led to a spiritual disaster for most of us and for our earthly environment whereby only what is opposed to the true Will of God has come to reign and dominate on this earth.

It is all so wrong. Let us now begin urgently to try to learn what the Will of God is. We must learn everything about the Laws of God so that we can adjust our wishes and desires in the right direction. This will guarantee peace, joy and happiness because the Laws of God are all about the welfare of mankind. 

It is up to us to adjust our free will to that of the Will of God. May we be granted the strength to sustain the effort. Amen 


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