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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The Promises of Jesus

The most important promise of Jesus is that of the Coming of the Spirit of Truth. This prophecy has been unfortunately distorted, confused and fused with another promise – the promise of the power from on High on the disciples (Luke 24:49).

Jesus in John 16:12-15 said that He had many things to say to the disciples but they cannot understand or bear those things now but when the Spirit of Truth comes He will guide us into all Truth…

If we read on there cannot be any other interpretation other than that we will receive a new Teaching in the future that will contain all the Truth. We will be guided into all Truth, meaning that all Creation and all knowledge concerning our existence will be shown to us.

Everything there is to know as human beings about ourselves, about God, about Jesus, about our existence will be revealed so that there will be no more mysteries or ignorance among human beings about the structure and order and Laws of Creation. 

Now this great promise of the Coming of a second Messiah has been confused with what Jesus said in Luke 24:49 when He said – And behold I send you the promise of My Father upon you; but tarry ye in Jerusalem until ye be embued with the Power from On High.

Now this is an immediate promise that came upon the disciples, imbuing them with power to be able to carry out their missions and fulfil their destinies as described in Acts 2:1 when at Pentecost they received the Power from the Holy Spirit. 

These are two different fulfilments. One was an immediate one giving the disciples power to do what they did and the other was a promise of what was to happen in the future with the coming of a second Envoy from God Who will guide us into all Truth. It is the promise of a New Teaching that will explain all the mysteries of the entire Creation so that we do not continue to live in ignorance.

This New Teaching will explain the Laws of God and everything in Creation which Jesus was not able to do at that time because He found that His disciples were too immature to understand all those things. When He found the yawning immaturity and lack of preparedness of His disciples He felt there was no need in continuing to talk to them of mysteries they would never understand.

Hence the promise of a New Teaching when the whole of humanity would be mature enough to understand these things. That of course could not have taken place immediately. That kind of Teaching or Knowledge would have to occur centuries after the coming of Christ to give mankind enough time to mature for this New Knowledge and Teaching.

What took place almost immediately was the fulfilment of the promise in Luke 24:49 with the gift of power to the disciples so that they would fulfil their destinies as disciples. The other promise was to all mankind and was to take place much later when mankind was mature enough for the receipt and understanding of this New Teaching.

So one promise was a personal one to the disciples and the other promise was a general one to all mankind. 

The confusion of these two promises is a disaster for mankind the likes of which had never been seen. It could prove spiritually fatal for mankind as a whole because as a result we fail to be alert spiritually enough to be on the look out for this New Teaching at the present time. 

We thank the Great God for always fulfilling His Promises. It is up to mankind to be alert enough to recognise these fulfilments.


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