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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The meaning and reason for Christ’s persecution and suffering

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to earth to give us the Message of His Father so that we might find our way out of our self-created darkness and ascend towards spiritual heights.

His coming was brought about because mankind through our subservience to the Darkness preferred to use our free wills in a direction contrary to God’s Will. After thousands of years of living in this way we had finally reached a point where spiritual damnation and everlasting spiritual death was impending on all mankind.

The Darkness created by Lucifer through mankind had total dominion on the souls of men and all over this earth through all the institutions which had been made subject to ways opposite that which the Lord had initially willed. It was disaster both for the souls of men and also for the earth and the immediate spiritual environment which had become spiritually dark.

Only suffering reigned where the crystal clear purity of love and peace should have held supreme. Mankind wanted it to be like this and we worked relentlessly to make this happen. We preferred this state of affairs because we nourished the idea that we were world rulers and masters and were not willing to be told that we were nothing but servants who should be serving their Lord.

This idea of supremacy which the Darkness cleverly presented to us was like a poison for the spirit to which we became addicted so powerfully that we would do anything to keep the status quo and reviled and rebuffed all attempts by the Light to bring redemption and clarity to the situation.

All the servants and prophets sent by the Lord to bring enlightenment were persecuted and sometimes even killed. In the midst of all this confusion and wilful distortion of all the concepts mercifully brought by God there were still a few human beings who still truly longed for God and His Light, who still wanted to serve Him with all they held within themselves.

This was the state of affairs when our Lord Jesus Christ took it upon Himself as a sacrifice to come all the way here to offer the Word of the Lord so that these few human beings could cling to this Word and free themselves from the clutches of the Darkness and its adherents.

A situation existed in which all the earthly authorities and powers laid in the hands of those who had subjected themselves to the Darkness and served it as tools. This earthly power which they had gained was being used for the persecution of their defenceless fellow human beings. These people were already well established in their power and authority and threatened anyone who dared to oppose them with violence and death.

Into this situation came Jesus of Nazareth! He brought His Word to free these oppressed human beings from their spiritual and consequently earthly bondage. A very dangerous mission indeed given the earthly power and authority already appropriated by those who were His natural adversaries.

Seeing and hearing the beauty in His Word, the oppressed human beings felt liberated and joyful for perhaps the very first time in their lives. They flocked to Him in their thousands. This immediately held the danger that those in authority would lose influence and power and ultimately income.

Their furious response, inflamed by the Darkness led to all the slander, persecution and malice and ultimately to the crucifixion of the Son of God.  He was killed because He was seen as a serious threat to the status quo, a threat to the power and authority of the religious leaders of that time.

Our Lord Jesus came to give us His Word so that we might adjust ourselves and free ourselves. That was the sacrifice. The sacrifice of coming all the way down here to this earth and enduring all the insults and slander and persecution.   This, only so that a few men who were truly seeking God might find their way to Him. That is a sacrifice that only God could bring about in His unswerving Love and Justice.

When Jesus was confronted with the possibility of either denying His Word and fleeing or standing His ground that He was the Son of God, He made a further ultimate sacrifice by standing His ground on His Word knowing fully well that this was likely to lead to His earthly death.

The enormity of what happened at that time will only gradually penetrate to humanity in its unbelievable cruelty and sheer incredulity. It is a guilt from which we will never be free unless the Father inclines towards us in mercifully wiping off that memory from our consciousness.

Let us pray unceasingly that the Lord will forgive us our great sin against the Love of God.

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