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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The importance of our thoughts and the way we think

Mankind think that thoughts are free. After all we can think whatever we want and nobody will be able to call us to account as our thoughts cannot be seen by anyone. Our thinking has no bearing and no consequences in any case, so we assume. After all they are only thoughts… Well, not according to the ” Grail Message.” Abd-ru-shin clearly states that our thoughts are realities which shape themselves into forms which move around and affect other people and influence them depending on their kind. For example, thoughts of hate influence other persons to feel hate and thoughts of envy influence others to feel envy and so on. Conversely thoughts of love and joy influence in a positive way in love and joy.

This is why thoughts are not free but are raw materials put into the mechanism of Creation which can be absorbed and used by others in the direction dictated by the nature of these thoughts. Therefore, they can have devastating consequences if they are evil thoughts but of immense benefit and of an upbuilding nature if they are good thoughts. They are the building blocks for a dignified humanity or for a degraded humanity depending on what kind gets the upper hand in the mechanism of Creation. This of course depends on what the majority of human beings favour in the way we think.

If the majority of mankind favour and put out thoughts of envy, hatred and the like, then these thoughts will be absorbed by the rest of mankind thereby inducing them to think in the same way and produce similar thoughts and so on. This is the reason why evil is spreading with uncanny rapidity. If, however, on the other hand the majority of mankind begin to think in a joyful and loving way, then the dawning of a dignified race of humanity is guaranteed.

According to Abd-ru-shin every single one of our thoughts-forms are attached to us by a thread since we are the producers and we must reap the consequences of the damage done by our evil thoughts. If these our thought-forms have induced some persons to behave in ways corresponding to the nature of the forms in terms of envy, hatred and so on and to corresponding actions then we as producers of these forms must have a share in the consequences brought about by these actions. These will be spiritual consequences even though in most cases such producers cannot be apprehended by earthly law. There will no escape from the spiritual laws as it is impossible to evade these laws.

We should therefore pay more attention to this most important process so that fate or karma can hold something better for us allowing us to have an enjoyable, trouble-free earth life.

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