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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The human being as a dishonourable creature in material creation

Imagine having a guest in your house who you provide with shelter, clothing and food at all times. Now imagine this guest doing enormous damage to the room you have allocated to him, refusing to clean his room and not only that, damaging and littering the room.

Again imagine this guest going beyond this and actually damaging other areas of the house and even inciting other guests to do the same. In spite of all the warnings that you give to this guest he refuses to change, and in spite of all the love and patience that you show him he refuses to make amends and even becomes angry and hostile to the owner of the house.

He incites other guests against you, doing so much damage that the house has now become inhabitable for everyone and even for the guests who have been good. The house has become so neglected and damaged  that nobody knows  what to do anymore, so much so that only suffering and sorrow reign supreme instead of joy and the greatest happiness.

Now if you were the owner of that house what would you do? The answer to this question universally is to expel the wicked guests and throw them onto the streets because in spite of all the love shown to them, with all the care, attention and all the food, clothing given to them and so on they have never shown any appreciation but on the contrary continue to do damage, and as mentioned above become even hostile to their benefactor.

The natural reaction of any reasonable person would be to expel these people and cast them forth so as to allow peace to reign and the necessary repairs  to be carried out on the devastated property.

This example unfortunately paints a correct picture of the state of affairs today of the relationship between man and the great Creator. Mankind, in general are the disagreeable guests and the Creator is the owner of the house. The great Creator is the Benefactor Who has given us everything in this material creation for our enjoyment and advancement with the tables at all times richly spread.

In spite of His benevolence what do we find? The material environment has been devastated and ruined and nothing but sorrow and suffering reign supreme on this earth where the greatest joy and happiness should have existed. All the warnings with Prophets have been in vain so much so that even the warnings of the Son of God Jesus have not been enough to induce mankind to change.

 What then to we expect the Creator to do? He will of course cast forth such dishonourable creatures so that the necessary repairs can be made to the devastated parts of the material creation so that peace and happiness can be offered and guaranteed to those few who have always been good.

A world judgment then becomes inevitable because the behaviour of mankind over thousands of years naturally makes such an event an absolute necessity, so that this part of the world can be restored to its original beauty and tranquility.

 This is all natural so that the arrogance of mankind who think that they are gods can finally be ended and a new era of peace and joy be allowed to evolve for the benefit of all.

 Let us therefore make the necessary spiritual change to our lives so that we are not cast out in this natural judging process.

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