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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The equality of women

There is still a widespread belief that women are not equal to men. Even though many people still try to convince themselves otherwise, this thinking is still well-rooted among many men even in the most developed countries. Though most genuine men have a deep respect for genuine women, there is still a lot of conflict in the intuitive perception about the real role of women and whether indeed they are equal.

Women themselves are not sure of the answer to this question and those who feel distinctly within themselves that they are equal are not altogether clear about what this really means. Because of a lack of clarity about their own roles, it is difficult for these women who want to fight for equality to speak with conviction about this issue.

Since most women really do not understand themselves or their real roles in this Creation, then it is difficult for them to speak in any convincing manner about any of the issues that concern them. Those who try to speak out do not understand the issues at all and are once again as usual using the intellect to try to understand an issue which clearly goes beyond the capacity of this implement to understand.

Women assert that they are equal to men and curiously enough when asked in what way are they equal they cite that they can do all that men do; they can be doctors, lawyers and so on and that because of these factors they are equal or should be considered equal.

In short what they are saying is that the criteria that should be used to judge their equality is their ability to perform in masculine spheres of activity and to imitate men. In fact they base their equality on being able to perform as men do in their (men’s) traditional areas of activity.

What, however, they have failed to realise is that in trying to do this they must behave like men. It is impossible for them to carry out these activities and still remain women in the real sense of the word. Therefore, through all these they acquire masculine characteristics which condition has now become a plague among the feminine gender.

By moving away from what they should be, they have introduced a dangerous imbalance into the rhythm of society. As a result we no longer have many real women in society in the real sense of the word. What we have in many cases are “pseudomen” and then men.

When women engage in this kind of activity, they have to suppress their own natural female characteristics and in the course of time these characteristics sever themselves altogether. A terrible imbalance is then the result.

What women should have realised is that they are indeed equal but in another way. Their strength lies elsewhere. They are given completely different abilities from men and they are both meant to develop their abilities as they were given to them purely (male developing their male characteristics and female theirs) without any form of willful mixing of the characteristics whatsoever. In this way they were meant to complement each other and bring harmony into the entire Creation.

As it is, however, all we have is a one-sidedness where almost everyone wants to be a “man”. The consequences we already have before us. This imbalance which has been going on for a long time now robs every creature, especially men of the power that they should normally have received through women. Lacking this help he is then not able to work constructively on this earth. He is lost because the core of support has been eaten away.

This imbalance must be restored for there to be peace. Unless women really rediscover themselves and do what their intuitions bid them to do, it will be a very difficult future indeed. It is not the aim here to discuss specific roles for women. Every woman who follows her intuition knows exactly what she ought to do or be. She needs no further directions.

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