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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The Coming of the Counsellor and  Spirit of Truth

The prophecy of the Coming of the Spirit of Truth and of the Counsellor has often been confused by Christians to refer to the descent of the Power on the Disciples at Pentecost. These are two completely separate events which must not be confused and regarded as one event.

These are two distinct happenings which were meant to happen at different times and in different eras. One was an almost immediate promise and fulfilment for the disciples while the other was a promise for the whole of mankind for a later period. One was a promise of Power for the disciples so that they would be imbued with strength to fulfil their missions whereas the other was a promise of a new Teaching and a new Teacher for mankind.

A new Teaching and a new Teacher Who would consolidate and complete the Mission of Jesus Christ. This new Teacher would bring the Message of Jesus to our remembrance, take what is of Jesus and give to us again, and would teach us all things and would also bring the judgment (John 16: 12-15.)

From this we can see that when Jesus told His disciples to in Luke 24:49 – “Tarry ye in Jerusalem until ye are imbued with Power from On High..” sounds different and is indeed different from His pronouncements of the Coming of the Spirit of Truth in the End Times.

The danger of not heeding this promise and this prophecy is that we risk  missing out on this new Teaching and this new Teacher. This new Teaching and this new Teacher is our last possibility of redemption as this new Teaching and Teacher is accompanied by the promise and prophecy of the Last Judgment.

If therefore we miss out on this new Teaching we run risk of being cast out with eternal damnation as the consequence. Therefore this warning to be alert for this new Teaching cannot be more important for mankind since the consequence of not paying attention will be spiritually fatal.

We must ensure that we do not suffer the same fate as found in the Parable of the foolish virgins who miss the Bridegroom as the little lamp of spiritual alertness which was left to them by the Creator was left uncared for and as such went out. 

This Bridegroom will come like a thief in the night and this Bridegroom is the Counsellor and the Spirit of Truth that Jesus promised us. We have to be spiritually alert to recognise Him and listen to His Words which is salvation for our souls.  

It is important for every single one of us on our own to pick up these Bible verses and read them for ourselves and think for ourselves in this regard. We should examine these Bible verses with our intuitions and it will not be long before we begin to see the difference in the promises for ourselves.

The prayer is that we develop the strength to begin to be independent in our examination of spiritual matters.  

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