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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Taking the spiritual effort away from men

In contrast to the whole Message of the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus continually and repeatedly stressed the importance of hard work on ourselves and urging us to become righteous, and in contrast to what He said about being perfect as our Heavenly Father is Perfect (Mathew 5:48) and to love our neighbours as ourselves, contemporary religion have been quiet about the importance of spiritual effort.

It is a very rare occasion that one would find that Church goers are told to make spiritual efforts in regard to themselves. It is very rare for priests to urge their parishioners to make spiritual efforts and work on themselves to be better human beings.

This is unfortunately the culture with organised religion for centuries already and the effect of this omission is devastating on the human spirits. We have never really been told to make any serious  efforts to love our neighbours as ourselves. We have never been told to keep our thoughts pure and our words pure.

These lessons of life have never to taught to human beings in any serious way by any of the great organised religions. What has resulted then is that human beings have never been educated in the most important aspects of life. The most important lessons of life have never been taught to anyone. Is it then a surprise that human beings have turned out the way we have?

Is it then a surprise that hatred instead of love flourishes? That envy, oppression, avarice and all the evil and undesirable qualities of man have never been opposed or exposed for what they are? That all these evil qualities have been left to fester without opposition?

That in the most important issues about life and existence man is inexperienced and completely ignorant? Organised religion simulated an easy road for the salvation of mankind which does not exist at all. They formulated a road which was meant to serve only themselves as leaders of these religions.

The road that was formulated was never meant to serve and advance their fellow human beings spiritually but to keep them in bondage and in the power of these religions. It is a shame indeed. Evil flourished because those who were meant to be custodians and helpers on our way back to God became brigands who hijacked these very Words of God and used them for their own earthly advantage only, disadvantaging the common man and taking his salvation away.

The consequences of this very cunning and wicked way is fatal for mankind and will lead to the spiritual death of many. It is a shame indeed that mankind through our laziness easily fell prey to the distortions of the Word of God and through this laziness are just as guilty as the leaders themselves.

The prayer is that every man should begin to think for himself and ask the tough questions about life. In asking these questions he will be led to find the Truth which will set him free.       

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