In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Should we fear death?

If we have lived or live a pure spiritual life with attention paid to our thoughts, words and deeds and being careful not to harm our neighbours with these actions, then fear of death is misplaced. In fact, naturally we lose the fear and are not afraid to meet our Maker, so to speak. If, on the other hand, however, we have lived our lives as most of us still do today without careful attention to the harm we do with our thoughts, words and deeds, then we should indeed fear death.

After our physical death we would then be transported to a place in the spiritual world corresponding to the way in which we have lived our lives. If we are envious persons then we will find ourselves in an environment of similar vibration and also amongst fellow human beings of similar nature and so on. The same goes for if we had constantly favoured our fellow men with hatred etc. We will find ourselves in a similar environment with similar vibrations and other human spirits of similar nature.

Life in such an environment where only such people exist would indeed be hell. An environment where the prevailing vibration will be that of hatred and all the inhabitants being those who think and perceive in such a manner. It is not difficult to imagine what chaos and evil will be inflicted by such human spirits on each other. It is like living in a town or village where all the good people have been removed and all those left are the evil ones.

Since death is unavoidable it is better to learn all we can about it and face it boldly when it comes. The only way to do that is to gain spiritual knowledge; a knowledge of all the spiritual laws of the Universe and a knowledge that allows us to know all there is to know about eveything so that we go to our earthly death fully prepared since through this knowledge we would have changed ourselves in time for the better and as such we know that we would find ourselves in a better environment that holds no suffering for our spirits.

Such knowledge will be found in the book “In the Light Of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.” The prayer is that for those who seek that the Lord grant that they find… Amen!

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