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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Jesus Christ was suddenly meant to be a criminal?!

There are many events in the life of Jesus Christ which pointed to the lack of faith and depravity of mankind as a whole but the event surrounding His death is still completely inexplicable and unacceptable in its dastard criminality and insanity that no words can begin the capture the appalling role mankind played in this.

Jesus Christ walked among mankind at that time. He did only good in that community. He was well known for His kindness and love and His generosity. He was well respected as a wonderful member of the community. Someone everyone or at least most people looked up to for advice and help and kindly words.

He travelled far and wide and was not unknown in the entire wider region. His miracles were well known and desired as He eased and cured those who had been suffering for many decades.

He was often welcomed in the houses of the rich and the poor and His reputation spread as far as Greece and beyond and there have been reports of many seekers from various countries who came to seek His counsel.

How was it then that when Jesus was arrested and stood before Pontius Pilate no one stood and rose to His defence? How come Jesus was arrested like any common criminal and tried and sentenced without further ado? How come no one among the people stood for Him? Even some of His disciples betrayed Him.

Jesus, Who a few days before was hailed as King of the Jews and was paraded as such could in the space of a few days then be treated like this? How was this possible?

Not a single person stood up to defend Him in Pilate’s presence. No one had the innate sense of justice to stand up for Him. No one had the conviction and faith and belief to say enough was enough and mount a vigorous defence on His behalf.

Someone Who was well known one day became a criminal in the space of a few days in the eyes of the people. Incredible! Unbelievable! 

It attests to the lack of conviction of the whole of mankind, who, in spite of all the hard work done by Jesus and in spite of all His miracles and good works and His Teaching could still not convince the majority of the people that He was the Son of God. 

The Truth emanating from Him could still not penetrate to the souls of these people. It was such a shame. This lack of faith and conviction allowed the priests to falsely accuse Jesus and weave all their lies while the majority of mankind stood by and did nothing!

It should not be a surprise if in the very near future God exacts a very terrible revenge on all of mankind for our slothful disgraceful behaviour towards the Son of God. It will be but Divine Justice for this to happen because indeed we must render account for the way we behaved at that time towards the Son of God. Nothing can be remitted without retribution.

We should make haste so that we change ourselves for the better through accepting the Word of Jesus in Its true form and living our lives accordingly. 

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