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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Is speech truly free?

We hear a lot these days about freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The fact that we human beings are free to say anything, it is claimed. We can say whatever we want irrespective of the effect these words have on anyone else. This is the yardstick for freedom in Western societies.

This “virtue” has been held sacred in these societies for many decades and has been used and is being used by many people with unsavoury intentions for their nefarious purposes. This declaration of “free speech” was never understood by anyone, least of all those who promoted and still promote it.

This idea was created and promoted by those who are completely ignorant of the Laws of God and have not paid any attention to it whatsoever. The consequences of this neglect will be disastrous as what has been held sacred and extolled is now being used to great effect by men with the basest intent and malice.

Speech is not free! Thoughts are not free! Nothing is free in the sense that mankind thinks of it. There is nothing that does not attract consequences. There is always a corresponding consequence to everything, whether speech, thoughts or actions.

Whatever we say or whatever words we use will have corresponding consequences on our environment whether they are are designed to hurt a particular person or certain groups of people. The consequences of such words will fall back on us as karma and reactions at some point and we will never be able to escape these reactions.

We will suffer the consequences of such hurtful words in manifold ways. How could we have come up with the idea that speech was free? It is that arrogant characteristic of mankind who wants to act with impunity. He thinks that he is a law unto himself and a lord and a master and can do whatever he wants. He even thinks that he is a god.

It is this arrogance that is and will be the downfall of mankind. Until we are taught a lasting lesson by the Laws of God there is no hope that mankind will voluntarily change and listen to the Voice of God.

Let us make the voluntary changes in our lives for a meaningful spiritual existence before the Wrath of God overtakes us.

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