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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

The concept of reincarnation

The removal of this concept from mankind’s body of religious knowledge is one of the most bitter blows that we could have been dealt. It was a very clever move by the Darkness which now sought to separate mankind from that which is most useful for them – the beyond earthly knowledge which will really benefit man and is capable of bringing us closer to God.

This knowledge would have brought increasing awareness and would have given us the broad view right from the very start allowing us to survey everying right from the very beginning to the end. It completes the answers to some of the questions we have within us without having to resort to blind dogma.

Those, however, who were meant to be custodians of that which is most important in human life (religious leaders) consciously removed the knowledge which was already widespread in most indigenous cultures, branding it of the Devil and therefore depriving man of that which he truly needs on his ascent towards the Luminous Heights, towards the understanding of God and His Laws. It was a great disservice.

That which was of God was branded as of the Devil and as a result the opposite of what God wanted for mankind was promoted – ignorance of the Laws of God and of the mechanism of His Creation. Sensing that this knowledge would set mankind free from dependence on intermediaries, it was cleverly removed so that we would continue to be subservient to organized religion and the leaders of these religions would continue to be masters, enjoying all the privileges that this position confers.

What has been offered in the place of this knowledge has been nothing but blind faith and no knowledge at all. We have only been told that this knowledge was wrong but it has never been explained to us why exactly it was wrong and why it was of the Devil. There has never been any credible alternative explanation for anything. We have been led like herd, unthinking and unquestioning, like fools, blindly following dogmas without asking questions, leaving others to do our thinking for us and thereby putting ourselves in their power.

Let it be said now that it is impossible to explain anything in human life logically and completely without embracing this concept. He who claims that he has been able to explain everything about himself without taking this concept into consideration only deludes himself. Anyone who takes the time to think logically into his own life and the nature of justice cannot escape to notice the unpardonable gaps which must open up and become unbridgeable without acknowledging the powerful influence of this concept. There is simply no other way.

Blind faith makes us lose valuable time that we could use very quickly in the understanding of ourselves and our lives and make the urgent necessary changes before it is too late.

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