In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Fate or Karma – What are the facts?

Fate or Karma is real. Nothing is free or unaccounted for. Speech is not free nor our thoughts or actions. Every single movement of the human being in terms of his thoughts, words or deeds have consequences. Since we have the free will to exercise our thoughts, words and actions then there must be a reaction to the use of this free will. If we have the free will to live in a certain way, then we also know that there must be a reaction or a consequence to living in this certain way. Now this conclusion applies to everything.

If we think in a certain way then we must accept that one day we will reap the consequences of thinking in that way. The same goes for our words and actions. Every single one of these our activities are works which take on form and are attached to us. They are like seeds that we sow in the fertile field of Creation which will germinate, grow and then ripen for us to reap when the harvest is due.

We have often failed to obseve this directly because in the past the consequences for the way we have behaved only returned in another earth life. Consequently we failed to make the link as to why we often go through bitter adversity at some points in our earth lives. The experiences we have often been forced to go through have just not come from nothing. That is not possible in Creation. They have certainly come as consequences for the way we have behaved in our previous earth lives.

They are consequences to the way we have thought, spoken and acted in our previous earth lives. We should have made this link a long time ago but we have not, or we refused to make this link as we have preferred not to believe in a previous life or a life after death out of fear that we would be called to account therein given the carefree way we all have lived so far.

The fact is that fate or karma is a reality that cannot be avoided. It makes sense and it is nothing but the Law of Returns that says that whatever a man sows he will reap many times over. This law applies in everything, whether we are referring to seeds of grains sown by a farmer which must always yield the same kind as was sown or whether we are referring to seeds of our thoughts, words and actions which are our spiritual seeds. It is all the same.

Seed is seed whether it is of spiritual nature or of material nature. They are treated the same way by the Laws of Creation and must yield a similar harvest; hate for hate and envy for envy and so on.

The earlier we reflect on these processes the easier life becomes and in fact the more joyful life becomes as we will now realise that we are not subject to the whims of nature but that we determine our own fates absolutely through the activities of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Abd-ru-shin explains all this in great detail in his book “In the Light Of Truth: The Grail Message.” It is hoped that those who are seeking will indeed find what they are looking for therein.

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