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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

What does the Grail Message say about religion?

The Grail Message does not promote any religion. It is addressed solely to the individual human being and it is against any form of dogma that binds the human spirit. It explains the Laws of God in Creation among other things and the need for us to adjust ourselves to these Laws and as such lead a happy and blameless existence.

Is the Grail Message addressed to all human beings?
The Grail Message is addressed to all human beings irrespective of nationality, race or creed or religion. It is man himself who must answer for all the consequences of his thoughts, words or actions and therefore the freedom of the individual in making decisions for himself is emphasised. He himself has to answer to the Laws of God and as such it is imperative that he takes the trouble to know of these Laws and adjust himself accordingly.
What does the Grail Message say about Jesus Christ?

The Grail Message affirms all the more vigorously that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The Grail Message brings His Life and Mission to the fore in such a way as to strip away all the false assumptions and imputations of weakness that have been ascribed to the Son of God. The personality of Jesus and the importance of His Mission shines forth ever brighter so as to allow us to give jubilant thanks to the Almighty the Father for sending His Son to give us His Living Word which brings Salvation as long as we follow the path shown in this Word.

What exactly is the book "The Grail Message" about?

The Grail Message is a book that explains the structure of the entire Creation. It explains the origin of man and the universe and the Laws guiding the order. It explains our place in the universe and our relationship to our Creator. Whether there are questions of Cosmology, Religion, Spirituality, About God, the origin of man and his path after death, these are all explained in clear and intelligible language leaving no room for the rigidity of dogma. God wants his humanity to know all about Him and the Laws that guide the whole of Creation. For all those who are really keen on knowing everything there is to know about existence they will find it in “The Grail Message” as long as they keep an open mind.

Does the Grail Message promote dogmas and tenets?

The Grail Message does not have a rigidly compiled dogma. It sets human beings free of such rigidity as it explains the Laws of God and guides all human beings in the adherence to these Laws through the abilities given to them by God. Each and every one will find what exactly he needs for himself in the course of his life. The paths we all have to follow is different depending on our abilities and outlook on life in general. As such compiling a rigid dogma for all human beings will do more harm than good. As long as we know the Laws of God and strive to do our best to understand these Laws and adhere to them then we live well.

Is the Grail Message also for non-Christians?
The Grail Message is addressed to all human beings irrespective of their religion. All it asks is for the individual to read with an open and unbiased mind. He will find what he needs for himself therein irrespective of his religious background. The individual himself is what is most important and it is to the individual that the Grail Message speaks.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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