In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Lectures of the Grail Message Volume 3

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1. In the land of twilight

2. Ponderers

3. Voluntary martyrs, religious fanatics

4. Servants of God

5. The instinct of animals

6. The kiss of friendship

7. The distorted tool

8. The child

9. Woman and her vocation

10. Omnipresence

11. Christ said …!

12. Motion – a Law of Creation

13. The physical body

14. The mystery of the blood

15. Temperament

16. Behold, man, how you should wander through this Creation so that threads of Fate will not hinder but further your ascent!

17. A new law

18. Duty and loyalty

19. The beauty of the peoples

20. It is finished!

21. At the boundary of gross matter

22. The recognition of God

23. The Name

24. Substantiality

25. The little elemental beings

26. In the gross material workshop of the elemental beings

27. A soul wanders …

28. Woman and man

29. Distorted souls

30. Man’s spirit guide

31. Threads of Light above you!

32. The Primordial Queen

33. The cycle of radiations

34. Shun the Pharisees!

35. Possessed

36. Ask, and it shall be given unto you!

37. Thanks

38. Let there be Light!

39. Unsubstantiate

40. Christmas

41. Do not fall in temptation!

42. The family bond

43. The intimate home

44. Believers merely out of habit

45. Consider what is of benefit to you!

46. Omniscience

47. The weak sex

48. The destroyed bridge

49. The Guardian of the Flame

50. Survey of Creation

51. Soul

52. Nature

53. Spirit germs

54. Germs originating from Animistic Substance

55. The Ring of Animistic Substantiality

56. The Primordial Spiritual Planes I

57. The Primordial Spiritual Planes II

58. The Primordial Spiritual Planes III

59. The Primordial Spiritual Planes IV

60. The Primordial Spiritual Planes V

61. The Primordial Spiritual Planes VI

62. The Primordial Spiritual Planes VII

63. Epilogue: How the Message should be absorbed

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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