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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin


eI-34/1.          IT IS THE sacred duty of the human spirit to investigate why it is living on earth, or in general in this Creation, in which it is suspended as if by a thousand threads. No man considers himself so insignificant as to imagine that his existence is without purpose, unless he makes it purposeless. In any case he deems himself too important. And yet there are only a few men on earth capable of laboriously detaching themselves from their spiritual indolence, so far as seriously to concern themselves with the investigation of their task on earth.

eI-34/2.          Again it is solely indolence of the spirit that makes them willing to accept the firmly-established doctrines of others. And it is indolence that lies in the reassurance that comes from thinking that it is great to adhere to the faith of their parents, without submitting its underlying principles to keen, careful and independent examination.

eI-34/3.          In all these matters men are now eagerly supported by calculating and selfish organisations, which believe that the best way to extend and safeguard their influence, and thus to increase their power, is by adding to the number of their adherents.

eI-34/4.          They are far from the recognition of God; for otherwise they would not bind the human spirit with the fetters of a firmly-established doctrine, but would have to educate it for the personal responsibility ordained by God, which fundamentally stipulates full freedom of spiritual decision! Only a spirit free in this respect can come to the true recognition of God that matures within him to the complete conviction which is essential for anyone who wishes to be uplifted to Luminous Heights; for only free, sincere conviction can help him to achieve this. –

eI-34/5.          But what have you done, you men! How have you suppressed this highest Grace of God and wantonly prevented it from developing, and from helping all earthmen to open up that path which safely leads them to peace, to joy, and to the highest bliss!

eI-34/6.          Consider this: that also in making a choice, in agreement or in obedience, which as a result of spiritual indolence may be done only from habit or general custom, a personal decision is involved, laying upon the individual who makes it personal responsibilities according to the Laws of Creation!

eI-34/7.          Those who influence a human spirit to do this naturally bear a personal responsibility, which is inevitable and irrevocable. No thought or action, however trivial, can be erased from Creation without similar consequences. In the web of Creation the threads both for the individual and for the masses are accurately spun, awaiting redemptions, which in turn must eventually be received by the originators or producers, either as suffering or as joy, according to how they once issued from them; only now they have grown and are thus strengthened.

eI-34/8.          You are caught in the web of your own volitions, of your actions, and are not released from it until the threads can fall away from you in the redemption.

eI-34/9.          Among all creatures in Creation the human spirit is the only one to have free will, which until today he could not explain and did not understand, because within the narrow bounds of his intellectual pondering he found no essential facts to prove it.

eI-34/10.        His free will lies solely in the decision, of which he may make many every hour. In the independent weaving of the Laws of Creation, however, he is unswervingly subject to the consequences of every one of his personal decisions! Therein lies his responsibility, which is inseparably connected with the gift of free will to make decisions, which is peculiar to and an absolute part of the human spirit.

eI-34/11.        Otherwise what would become of Divine Justice, which is firmly anchored in Creation as support, balance and maintenance of all the working therein?

eI-34/12.        In Its effects, however, It does not always take account of the short span of only one earth-life for a human spirit; but here there are entirely different conditions, as readers of my Message know.

eI-34/13.        You have often brought harm upon yourselves, and sometimes force it upon your children, through many superficial decisions. Even though you yourselves have proved too indolent still to summon up the strength to decide for yourselves in your deepest intuitive perception whether, regardless of all you have learnt, each word to which you decided to adhere can hold Truth, at least you should not seek to force the consequences of your indolence also upon your children, whom you thus plunge into misfortune.

eI-34/14.        Thus what in one case is caused by spiritual indolence, in others is brought about by the calculating intellect.

eI-34/15.        Through both these enemies of spiritual freedom in decision mankind is now bound, except for a few who still try to summon up the courage to burst this bond within them in order to become real human beings themselves, as follows from obedience to the Divine Laws.

eI-34/16.        The Divine Laws are true friends in everything, they are helpful blessings from the Will of God, Who thus opens the paths to salvation for everyone who strives towards it.

eI-34/17.        There is not a single other road to this than the one clearly shown by the Laws of God in Creation! The whole of Creation is the Language of God, which you should earnestly strive to read, and which is by no means as difficult as you may think.

eI-34/18.        You belong to this Creation as a part of it, and therefore you must swing with it, work in it, and mature in learning from it; and thus through gaining in understanding you must rise ever higher, from one step to the next, drawing along through the radiation in order to ennoble everything that comes in contact with you on your way.

eI-34/19.        There will then spontaneously develop around you one beautiful miracle after another, which through reciprocal action will raise you ever higher.

eI-34/20.        Learn to recognise your path in Creation, and you will also know the purpose of your existence. Then you will be filled with grateful rejoicing, and the greatest happiness a human spirit is able to bear, which lies solely in the recognition of God!

eI-34/21.        The supreme bliss of the true recognition of God, however, can never grow out of an acquired blind faith, much less come to flower; but convinced knowledge, knowing conviction, alone gives to the spirit what is necessary for this.

eI-34/22.        You earthmen are in this Creation to find supreme happiness! In the Living Language which God speaks to you! And to understand this Language, to learn it, and to sense inwardly the Will of God in it, that is your goal during your journey through Creation. In Creation itself, to which you belong, lies the explanation of the purpose of your existence, and at the same time also the recognition of your goal! In no other way can you find either.

eI-34/23.        This demands of you that you live Creation. But you are only able to live or experience it when you really know it.

eI-34/24.        With my Message I now open the Book of Creation for you! The Message clearly shows you the Language of God in Creation, which you must learn to understand so that you can make it completely your own.

eI-34/25.        Just imagine a child on earth who cannot understand his father or mother because he has never learned the language they speak to him. Indeed, what is to become of such a child?

eI-34/26.        He does not even know what is expected of him, and will thus fall into one difficulty after the other, draw upon himself one sorrow after another, and probably end up utterly useless for any purpose or enjoyment on earth.

eI-34/27.        If he is to amount to anything, must not every child personally learn the language of his parents for himself? Nobody can do it for him!

eI-34/28.        Otherwise he would never adjust himself, nor would he ever be able to mature and work on earth, but he would remain a hindrance, a burden to others, and would finally have to be segregated to prevent him from causing harm.

eI-34/29.        Could you expect anything else then?

eI-34/30.        You have of course inescapably to fulfil such a duty of the child towards your God, Whose Language you must learn to understand as soon as you desire His help. God, however, speaks to you in His Creation. If you want to advance in it, you must first recognise this His Language. Should you neglect it, you will be cut off from those who know the Language and adjust themselves to it, because you would otherwise cause harm and obstruction, without necessarily wishing to do so!

eI-34/31.        You must therefore do it! Do not forget this, and see that it is done now, otherwise you will be helplessly abandoned to whatever threatens you.

eI-34/32.        My Message will be a faithful helper to you!

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