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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin


eI-30/1.          FOR YEARS NOW “knowing ones” have been speaking of the coming of this especially significant Star. The number of those who await it is continually increasing, and the indications become more and more definite, so much so that in fact it is to be expected soon. But what it really signifies, what it brings, whence it comes, has not yet been rightly explained.

eI-30/2.          It is thought that it brings upheavals of an incisive nature. But this Star portends more.

eI-30/3.          It can be called the Star of Bethlehem, because it is of exactly the same nature as that was. Its power sucks the waters up high, brings weather catastrophes and still more. When encircled by its rays the earth quakes.

eI-30/4.          Since the event in Bethlehem there has been nothing like it. Like the Star of Bethlehem, this Star has also detached itself from the Eternal Realm of Primordial Spirit at such a time as to take effect on this earth exactly when the years of spiritual enlightenment are to come to all mankind.

eI-30/5.          The Star takes its course in a straight line from the Eternal Realm to this part of the Universe. Its core is filled with high spiritual power; it envelops itself in material substance, and will thereby also become visible to men on earth. Unerringly and unswervingly the Comet pursues its course, and will appear on the scene at the right hour, as already ordained thousands of years ago.

eI-30/6.          The first direct effects have already begun in recent years. For anyone who wishes neither to see nor to hear this, and who does not perceive how ridiculous it is still to maintain that all the extraordinary things which have already happened are of everyday occurrence, there is naturally no help. He either wishes to act like an ostrich out of fear, or he is burdened with an extremely limited understanding. Both types must be allowed to go serenely on their way; one can only smile at their easily refutable assertions.

eI-30/7.          But the knowing ones could also be told where the first powerful rays are striking. However, since the rays are gradually also encompassing the whole earth, there is no use in being more explicit. It will take years to come to this point, and years before the Comet again releases the earth from its influence.

eI-30/8.          And then the earth is purified and refreshed in every respect for the blessing and joy of its inhabitants. It will be more beautiful than it has ever been. Therefore every believer shall look forward to the future with tranquil confidence, and not be alarmed at anything that may happen in the coming years. If he can look up with confidence to God no harm will come to him. – –

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