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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin


eI-27/1.          EVEN AS THE DARKNESS moved over Golgotha when Jesus, the Living Light, departed from this earth, so is it now moving over mankind, returning to them the great suffering they inflicted upon the Love of God in the cruel way of the cunning intellect, which is utterly incapable of any intuitive vibrations, and which as Lucifer’s most powerful tool you have held sacred!- 

eI-27/2.          Now try if you can, you human beings, to protect yourselves with your intellect against God’s All-Holy Wrath! Defend yourselves against the Omnipotence of Him Who graciously made over for your use that part of Creation which you have devastated and defiled like a stable of the most neglected animals, so that only suffering and misery can still dwell therein, because all peace and joy flee before your wrong actions and dark volition, and all purity conceals itself in horror.

eI-27/3.          Try to hide from God’s inflexible Justice! It strikes you everywhere in the inexorable execution of Divine Will, without remitting anything of the enormous guilt with which you have laden yourselves in your self-will and obstinacy.

eI-27/4.          You are judged even before you are able to stammer a single word of excuse, and all petitioning, all supplicating, all blaspheming or cursing avails you nothing; for now you have unpardonably wasted the last respite for searching your soul and turning back, merely on fostering your vices! –

eI-27/5.          I do not tell you this as a warning; because it is too late for that. Far be it from me to continue to admonish you as I have done for years. You are only to think of it in the coming experiences! For this reason I state once more what this time has in store for you. Perhaps the knowledge of it will help to alleviate many an affliction for you, although it can no longer prevent anything.

eI-27/6.          You know it is the clearing of the debt with which you have voluntarily burdened yourselves, since nobody has forced you to do this. If through my words you can come to recognition in the suffering, and if thereby a yearning for Light and for Purity arises within you and forms a humble petition, you may still be granted salvation as you are sinking; for God’s Love is ever watchful.

eI-27/7.          Then you will also be permitted to see the new life, which the Lord will grant only to those who willingly swing in the sacred Laws of His Creation, to those who will keep His Mansion in which you are but guests free from all activities that are hostile to the Light, and who will not again wantonly devastate the beautiful gardens, in whose splendour and purity they shall evermore rejoice in order to grow strong therein.

eI-27/8.          Oh, you deluded ones, why would you not awaken! You could have been spared so much hardship. But as it is, your existence must be shrouded in grey veils of deep sorrow, from which only through the piercing flashes of the Holy Wrath of God can liberation and redemption once more be granted to you!

eI-27/9.          And this Wrath will break over you with unsuspected might in the Holy Judgement! –

eI-27/10.        But the Judgement is different from your conception of it. You know of a Book of Life which will be opened by the Judge of God at the appointed hour for each one!

eI-27/11.        The Book of Life shows the names of all creatures who have come to life, and nothing else.

eI-27/12.        But the inscribed pages belonging to the great Book of Life, which show the for and against of every single thought and every single deed of the individual, are the souls themselves, upon whom has been imprinted all that they have experienced or done in the course of their existence.

eI-27/13.        The Judge can clearly read therein all the for and against. But again you also picture the reading wrongly. This too is much simpler than you try to imagine.

eI-27/14.        The Judge does not order each soul to step separately before Him, before His Judgement Seat, but in the Name of God He sends His sword-thrusts into the Universe! The sword-thrusts are radiations, which go forth and strike everything in Creation!

eI-27/15.        Realise the great simplicity and amazing naturalness! The Judge does not send the rays consciously or intentionally to this one or that one; no, He simply sends them out at God’s Holy Command; for it is the Power of God, nothing else but His All-Holy Will could operate in this way!

eI-27/16.        Thus the radiation-thrusts or radiations penetrate all Creation, but in such force as they have never been before.

eI-27/17.        Nothing can hide from the effect! And thus, in the Law of the Working of Creation, the Ray of Divine Power also strikes every soul at the appointed hour.

eI-27/18.        When the Divine Ray, which is completely invisible to the human soul, falls upon it, everything that still clings to it must revive and also become manifest, active, thereby enabling the last link in the cycle to be closed, either pressing the soul down or raising it up.

eI-27/19.        Whatever of wrong or evil such a soul in the course of its existence has already been able to throw off, through redemptive experiences according to the Laws of Creation, is obliterated, and in such a way as if it had never been; thus it no longer clings to the soul, it is then no longer imprinted upon it. The soul is freed from it and pure, and therefore can suffer no harm from it.

eI-27/20.        Only that which has not yet come to the closing of its cycle, and therefore still clings to and is connected with the soul, is forthwith driven to the closing of the cycle in the pressure of the Light, in that as it comes to life it reveals itself as it attempts to become active, and in so doing also receives the blow it deserves.

eI-27/21.        The actual blows depend entirely on the strength of the individual volition which, being released in the reciprocal action, is directed against the soul as the point of origin! Everything, be it good or evil, is now strengthened by the irresistible pressure of the Light and thrust back to the starting-point, to the soul.

eI-27/22.        And everything which otherwise, in the cumbersome movement of the condensed, hardened environment of all the human souls on earth, might still have required many thousands of years to close the cycle, is now, through the power of the blows from the Light, compressed into a few months in the impetus that is unexpected by mankind.

eI-27/23.        Such is the manifestation of the World Judgement in its simple naturalness! This time it is the “Last Judgement”, so often proclaimed to you! But its manifestations are entirely different from what you thought. What was formerly proclaimed to you was given in pictures, because you would not otherwise have understood it at all.

eI-27/24.        By means of the Grail Message, however, your knowledge of the working in Creation goes further, and therefore more and more can be revealed to you; for today you are already able to understand it through my Message.

eI-27/25.        The sword-thrusts of the Judgement-Day strike as strong Light-radiations into Creation, and flow through all the channels that have already been formed through the automatic working of the Divine Laws in Creation, which are based on all the intuitive perceptions, thoughts, volitions and also actions of men as starting-points.

eI-27/26.        The judging rays are therefore guided with infallible certainty through these existing channels to all souls, and there take effect according to the state of the souls concerned, but in such an accelerated way that their whole existence is brought to the final closing of the cycle of all past activities within a few months; and in exact accordance with their actual condition these souls will be uplifted or cast down, animated and strengthened or destroyed!

eI-27/27.        Such is the Judgement! Today you are able through the Message to understand the process thus described.

eI-27/28.        Formerly you could not have grasped it, and therefore everything had to be revealed in simple pictures which correspond more or less to the operation of the process. –

eI-27/29.        And these blows of the Last Judgement are already on their way to you, to each one in Creation, no matter whether he is with or without his physical body.

eI-27/30.        The first blows have already reached you, and everything that still clings to your souls is revived.

eI-27/31.        But also the final blows bringing destruction or upliftment have been sent out with an all-overwhelming severity to complete the purification upon this earth! Already they are rushing towards mankind, and nothing can check them anywhere. At the exact hour appointed by God, mankind will be inexorably but justly struck by them! –

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