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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin


eI-33/1.          SALVATION! REDEMPTION! How often already have human beings pictured these words wrongly to themselves, when they wanted to see in them unconditional help from the Light, to the exclusion of the All-Holy Justice! This implies a total error, that is already evident today in everything devised by the human mind. They want to make God into their helpful slave, who is only to be considered in connection with the welfare of insignificant earthmen.

eI-33/2.          Just ask yourselves for once about this, throw light on your thoughts without extenuation, delve into them clearly and objectively, then you will have to confess that your whole thinking has never been attuned other than to the idea that, upon your petitions, God should always serve and help you to fulfil your wishes.

eI-33/3.          Of course you do not speak of it in terms that would be more according to the nature of your being, but as always give another name to your false volition, putting on little cloaks of deceptive humility, and only speaking of “granting” instead of serving; yet this does not alter the fact that your whole conduct, even when praying, is dominated by evil and cannot be pleasing to God!

eI-33/4.          At last be honest with yourselves for once, and tremble at the recognition of how you have hitherto always stood before your God, stubborn, arrogant and discontented, hypocritical because of your superficiality, thinking of Him only in misery and distress so that He may help you out of the consequences of your actions; but you have never asked beforehand whether your decisions really were according to His Will.

eI-33/5.          What are you men before the Omnipotence and Sublimity of the Lord, Whom you would have rule over you just as it pleases you! With what presumption you would like to enforce here on earth those laws that come from your narrow way of thinking, and that are not in harmony with the Divine Laws that He placed in Creation. You so often exercise your wrong volition, with a cunning and evil-mindedness that is inexcusable before God, harming your neighbours thereby to gain advantages for yourselves, either in money or goods, or to acquire a reputation with those for whom you do it.

eI-33/6.          All this will now fall heavily upon you with the weight of a mountain; for nothing of all your wrong-doing could be cancelled in the Law of Reciprocal Action as having been redeemed, unless you freed yourselves through the change in your volition for what is good.

eI-33/7.          The barriers that still hold back the collapse of the piled-up mass of reprisals are torn away! Everything rolls down irresistibly on earthly humanity, who would like to continue in spiritual indolence and arrogance in order to enforce their will, which has long since strayed far from the Will of God.

eI-33/8.          This, however, is the end for the dominion of all Darkness on earth! It will collapse, and drag down all those human beings who have sided with it.

eI-33/9.          But in the midst of the thundering roar of the collapse, the Word rings out! Victoriously It resounds through the lands, so that those who honestly strive for It may still save themselves.

eI-33/10.        The condition implied is that each one must himself strive to recognise the Word of the Lord as salvation! If he doubts and allows this last opportunity to pass without making use of it with all his strength, he will never again be in this position, and the moment for him to find redemption is forever lost.

eI-33/11.        Salvation, redemption, will only come to him in the Word, Which he must absorb, so that by living in accordance with It he may release himself from the bonds that hold him down through misunderstanding and distorting the true concepts.

eI-33/12.        You have been most seriously poisoned and endangered by the false representation of the Love of God, which you sought to divest of all vigour, all power and clarity, enveloping it instead in an unhealthy weakness and harmful indulgence, which was bound to plunge you all together into spiritual indolence and thus into ruin.

eI-33/13.        Beware of the fatal distortion of the concept of the Holy Love of God! You therewith fall into a slumber which at first is pleasant, but which becomes the sleep of death.

eI-33/14.        True love does not lie in indulgence, and in a kindness that is expected to forgive everything. This is wrong, and acts like a drug that only lulls the spirits into lassitude and weakness, finally bringing on complete paralysis and enforcing eternal death, since an awakening at the right time is then impossible.

eI-33/15.        Only the severe coolness of Divine Purity can penetrate the lassitude, and pave the way for the true Love that leads to your spirits. Purity is severe, It knows neither extenuation nor excuse. Therefore It will probably appear ruthless to many a person who only too willingly tries to deceive himself. But actually It only hurts where something is not in order.

eI-33/16.        Weakness brings harm to yourselves as well as to those whom you imagine you are pleasing by it. In time you will be judged by a Higher One with the kind of justice that has become strange to you for a long time through yourselves, for you have withdrawn from it.

eI-33/17.        It is the Divine Justice, unchangeable from eternity to eternity, and independent of the opinions of men, free of their partiality, of their hate and their malice, their power. It is Almighty, for it is of God!

eI-33/18.        Unless you devote all your strength to severing yourselves from the old, you will not learn to comprehend this Justice either. But you will then likewise not be able to become new within! And only the new man, who stands in the Word of Life and strives towards the Light, will receive the help that he needs to pass through the Judgement of God.

eI-33/19.        Man must help himself through the Word, which shows him the ways he must follow! Only thus can he find redemption, otherwise it will not fall to his lot! He must grow strong in the battle that he wages for himself, or he must perish in it!

eI-33/20.        Awake, and present a fighting front to all Darkness, then you will also be given strength to help you. Weaklings, however, will lose even what strength they still possess, because they do not know how to use it properly. The little they have will thereby be taken away from them because, according to the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, it flows to those who use this strength with zeal and in the right manner. Thus an ancient promise is fulfilled.

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