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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin


eI-26/1.          THE DAY OF JUDGMENT! Every prophecy that is connected with this proclaims the resurrection of all the dead for the Final Judgement! But this mankind have again introduced an error into the concept of the expression; for it is not meant to denote: Resurrection of all the dead, but resurrection of all that is dead! That is: The animating of all that is without movement in Creation, so that it may become alive for the Divine Judgement, either to be strengthened in its activity or annihilated!

eI-26/2.          Today nothing remains motionless; for the Living Power that now flows with greater intensity through all Creation urges, presses and forces everything into motion. Thereby it grows stronger, including that which has hitherto been inactive or dormant. It is awakened, strengthened, and thus must become active; in this awakening activity it is, so to speak, dragged before the Light, even if it wished to hide. It can also be said that it comes to the Light of itself and must reveal itself; it can no longer remain dormant, wherever it may be. As the popular saying is: “It comes to light!”

eI-26/3.          Everything becomes life and activity in this entire Creation through the new penetration of the Light! The Light thereby exerts a powerful attraction … whether that which rests or perhaps even hides in this Creation wishes it or not; and finally it will also come into contact with this Light, it cannot escape It, even if it had the wings of the morning no place in the entire Creation can grant it protection from the Light. There is nothing which will not be lit up.

eI-26/4.          But in the movement of being attracted, anything that cannot endure the radiation, thus anything that is not already voluntarily striving towards this Light, must be shattered and burnt up by the Light. What is attuned to the Light, however, will blossom and grow strong in the purity of its volition!

eI-26/5.          So is it also with all the qualities of the souls of these earthmen. What has hitherto appeared to be dead, what has slumbered in them, often unknown to men themselves, will awaken and become strong under the Power, will develop into thought and deed, so that according to its nature it will in manifesting judge itself by the Light! Reflect, whatever is slumbering in you will come to life! Therein lies the resurrection of all that is dead! The Living Judgement! The Day of Judgement!

eI-26/6.          Then you must deal with all that is within you, must purify yourselves, or you will perish with the evil if it is able to become too powerful in you. It will then hold you fast, break over your head with foaming and bubbling, to sweep you down with it into the abyss of disintegration; for it can no longer exist in the radiance of Divine Power! – –

eI-26/7.          To you I have now given the Word showing the way that, in the awakening of this Creation, leads you unerringly to the Luminous Heights, the way that will not let you fall, whatever happens and tries to flare up within you! If you have turned your gaze to the Light in loyal conviction, if you have rightly grasped my Word and absorbed it in your souls, then you will calmly ascend out of the chaos, cleansed and purified, free from everything that might once have hindered you from entering Paradise.

eI-26/8.          Watch and pray, therefore, that you do not let your clear outlook be dimmed by vanity and conceit, the most dangerous snares for these earthmen! Beware! As you have now prepared the soil within you, so will it happen to you during the purification of Creation! –

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