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The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Are we more just than God?

It appears as if human beings think they have the monopoly on justice and that our form of justice is the best there is and has ever been. This is especially so in western nations where it is commonly thought that the form of justice existing in these countries is the best there is.

However, we all know the many miscarriages of justice that take place in these nations and there is no need for these to be repeated here. All of mankind is guilty of this fallacy no matter to what race he belongs. The aim here is to show that mankind has even gone so far as to declare that his form of justice is greater or more than God’s.

He affirms through his attitude that he is more just than God and that his society is more just than what God can achieve. His intellectual arrogance finally brings him to a point where he can actually believe in such blasphemous phantasy so much so that no words can begin to describe this state of affairs.

This is what has led to the great misunderstanding of the Mission of the Son of God. There is no earlthy law which would allow someone else who has no guilt to take on and die for the sins of another and call that justice. This cannot happen anywhere on earth and not in any country.

This taking on the guilt of others and dying for them will never be accepted in any court of law or in any judicial system, no matter how primitive that judicial system is.

If, then, this obvious miscarriage of justice can never be acceptable to all men, then how much more unacceptable and despicable this action would be in the Eyes of God.

Unless of course we are saying that God is unjust and and imperfect. This is the only way we can see as acceptable that a guiltless person can be killed and that killing can then be accepted as something that washes away the guilt of others.

God would have to be considered as unjust indeed! We might as well openly declare that now as this is the thinking of all those who believe that the death of a guiltless person can atone for the guilt of others without further do. This is the inevitable conclusion that must be drawn.

If, however, on the other hand we consider God to be just and perfect then the death of Jesus Christ as being the atonement for the guilt of others cannot be considered as acceptable since with human society this action is not acceptable. With God it will even be more so since He is the ultimate enhancement of all that is good and just within us as human beings.

We would have to label God as unjust and imperfect if we accept the conventional interpretations of the Mission of Jesus Christ. There is just no other way. It is either one or the other. There is no middle way in this. 

Since, however, God has always been perfect and has always been just then the human interpretations of the Mission of Jesus must be considered as WRONG.

If we are to follow this train of thought in holding God as just and perfect then we must declare that the death of Jesus did not wash or take away the guilt of mankind.

The Mission of Jesus Christ was to bring the Word of the Father to us so that we might follow this Word and save ourselves through a change in our behaviour. His death was only the consequence of the dastardly crime committed against Him by those who could not bear Him and who wanted to do away with Him because of the effect He was having in the community at that time.

The threat that Jesus represented to their fame, reputation and income led them to commit this horrible crime against the Word of God. 

Let us search in our souls for the truth and follow the simple clear explanations of the Mission of the Son of God and above all let us always keep the Perfection of God in mind at all times. This will cut through the confusion and give us clarity in all things.

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