In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin

Are there laws in this world or do we make the rules?

This question is one of mankind’s most unfortunate questions. How can there be a Universe or a Creation or a househould without rules? If we human beings know that there must be rules in, for example, a school or in a sport or even in our homes how much more in something as big as the entire Creation? So it goes to reason that there must be rules in the entire Creation that guide the order and the way things work and function.

That is why up until now the sun will never rise from the west and corn will not be harvested where rice was sown. The laws are the natural laws in their unchangeable vitality.

Now these laws as they apply to our natural environment in their predictability also apply to human beings. We are only a small part of the Universe and as such do not make the rules. How could we imagine we could make the rules about something we have not the faintient idea how it works. Yes, we have made mundate earthly laws for ourselves but these our laws have been made without putting the greater natural spiritual laws into consideration. Since we are only a minute part of Creation it goes to reason that we are the ones who must learn about the greater natural laws of the universe and then rewrite our earthly laws accordingly.

We are the ones who must fit in. Our arrogance has deluded us into thinking that we are the masters here and that we run things. How can human beings who are not even sure of their own origin be the masters of anything? First we must show humility in learning about Creation and its laws and then adjusting ourselves accordingly. Our earthly laws must be written completely in accordance with the spritual natural laws otherwise there will be no success of any kind and the chaos in our existence on earth already testifies to this failure.

God created the Universe and as such He has put Laws into the order to guide the rhythm and continued development. We human beings as a small part of the Universe must learn to know the Laws of God and adjust everything accrdingly.

To know the Laws of God is of utmost priority for every human being. May he find what he needs in the book “In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin” Amen…

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